Knowing Your Competition

For those looking to get into online businesses and making money online their mindset is to have the greatest product at the cheapest price.  They feel if they have this then they will win.  However, companies such as Digital Current understand that this isn’t the way the world works and have devised amazing marketing strategies to help businesses succeed. 

Hiring or doing it yourself?

The first question that you need to ask yourself is do you hire a phoenix seo agency to work with you or do you go and try to weather the storm yourself?  The answer is never an easy one.  However, if you are going to hire someone then you need to know a key factor.  Who is your competition and what are they doing?

Who are you competing against?

Who are you competing against in your space?  Many people believe that they are competing with people all over the planet.  This is not the case.  Yes, anyone on the planet can find your website, but you don’t want to be selling to everyone on the planet.  What you want to do is find a specific demographic of people who want your product and sell to them.

This is your competition.  You will want to know who their customers are, why they are buying from them and why they aren’t buying from you.  When you learn this then you can adjust and make changes to try and get these customers back again.

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Facebook Look A Like

One tool that you can use is the Facebook Look A Like Audience Creator.  This will help you create an image of your competition.  What you will do is put in your competitors name, location and look for people who like them.  Then, create a look a like audience that you can market to.  If your competition is making money with them, then why not advertise to them.

There are a lot of tips and tricks when it comes to your competition.  Learning who they are and what they are doing right will be your first step to success.